Rookie Rider?

April 2, 2014 – big day for me – my first bike ride since mid-September. For me, and for most of you that is a heck of a long time to go between bike rides. Well, let me tell you, it was worth the wait.

I think I was grinning for the entire 90 minutes of my ride. It wasn’t fast and at times it was downright slow, but I was moving and riding my two-wheeler. I felt I’m sure just like my little nephew Henry did on Sunday when he pedaled his two-wheeler for the first time ever.

Of course I made a few rookie mistakes… about ten minutes from home I realized I didn’t have any food with me – not even a gel (and I’ve got a massive box of them in the cupboard thanks to Clif Bar).. then about 15 minutes later I realized I didn’t have any money… oh well, I had my iPhone so worst case I could call someone (but not Marc because he was out riding as well).

Apart from these mistakes, the ride went very smoothly. I forgot how strong the spring winds are though. Super thankful for the fender Marc attached to my bike. I also managed to not totally overdress so I wasn’t overheating. Icing on the cake was getting to ride the last 20 minutes or so with Marc – we never get to ride together so this was a real treat.

Yep, all in all a good first ride of the season. I’m hoping some of the fitness I’ve recovered this past winter thanks to skiing and running will help ease the transition to two wheels. I stood up a few times and felt that deep familiar ache in my quads – oh boy did that ever feel awesome.

Still a bike rider…



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