Crushing It

In other years,  a title such as Crushing It would have likely indicated that I had successfully ripped my legs off, put myself in the pain cave, hit an all-time high on the wattage meeter or something to this effect…. that was then and this is now…

Now instead of such super-human feats of past years, Crushing It merely refers to the super-human crush I have on my bicycle. I’ve now got four rides into my legs and my rather sensitive bottom. I’ve never had so much fun on two wheels as I have during these four rides.

Nothing really stands out on these rides. The roads were familiar. The weather was sunny at times and windy at others. I didn’t go super fast – in fact I went super slow. I rode alone with the exception of 20 minutes with Marc (which never happens). But these rides still stand out as some of my top rides ever.

It is hard for me to explain what makes these rides so much better than rides I’ve done in Belgium, the Czech Republic, Las Vegas, Italy, and France. I guess it is because for so long I simply couldn’t ride.

Now I can ride. So I’m riding. I don’t have a training plan. I don’t have a schedule. I’m just riding. As fast/slow/hard/easy as I want to go. I realized yesterday that I fit on a bike – it just feels right. I had no idea how much I missed “fitting” – thanks bike – you’re the best.

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