Today has been a particularly good day. In fact as a result of today, I’m feeling rather optimistic about the days ahead. I think this is the perfect place to be  considering my41st year is drawing to a close – and admittedly it wasn’t one of my favourite years. Yes, there was lots of good stuff that happened but I feel it was punctuated with more downs and missed opportunities than checkmarks in the win column. (But this is what life is all about…)

Some might think that starting the day with an iron infusion is not the best way to begin a day, but I couldn’t have been happier to be sitting at Ambulatory Care this morning hooked up to an I.V. and being pumped full of iron. You see, these iron infusions are so so useful in getting me back to feeling like my old self. As a person who can’t take iron pills, there is no other real tangible way to get my iron stores out  of the abysmal single digits.

My afternoon was spent meeting with a new-to-me doctor. Finally five years after being diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, I had an appointment with an IBD specialist. I was so excited when the doctor’s office called last week about the appointment. Finally to see someone who is an expert in treating ulcerative colitis and Crohn’s Disease – this is going to make a big difference for my health.

After an hour long appointment, I left feeling like I was floating on clouds. I was able to ask my questions. Learn some interesting information about new approaches to treating ulcerative colitis. And most importantly with the feeling that this young doctor really does know his stuff . He said, “my ulcerative colitis  and Crohn’s patients are very special to me. I’ll do all I can for you.” Wow!

So now I’m starting on a new medication, have a bunch of tests scheduled, and a real feeling that things will finally start to turn around. Interestingly, I expressed to my doctor that I felt I was doing pretty good. And he pointed out that I’m not yet 100 per cent and that really I can still be so much better… I’ve been happy to accept where I am because it is so much better than where I’ve been for so long, but this doctor reminded me that I don’t have to “settle” and that things can get back to the way they were.

Who would have thought that a day spent in two hospitals and paying crazy parking fees (getting a parking ticket doesn’t help…) – could turn out to be such a good day? Yep, can’t wait to be 42 and discover what the year holds.


6 thoughts on “Optimistic

    • Thanks Bob! I’m pretty happy to be lucky enough to have this new young doctor looking out for me. I hope your riding is going well.

    • Glad I could make your day Dad! Fingers crossed the new medicine helps. (Methotrexate – if you want to look it up.)

    • I’ll be in today Prashanth – so swing by and we can talk! Now that the spring weather is here, it’s the perfect the time to get out and explore!

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