A Bit of This and a Bunch of That

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I guess it’s because I really haven’t been up to much that is post-worthy. But then again, who am I to judge…

So what has happened since the last time I posted? Really not too much. Life was pretty quiet. Quiet good. Marc as you likely know was in Belgium racing cyclo-cross for four weeks so it was just me and the old cat here hanging out. I may have had a few too many deep conversations with Murphy the cat but he seems to have weathered these interludes okay (being deaf helps…).

I’ve been riding the trainer. Yep, back on that trainer even though I swore I’d never ride it again… Well, guess what – I’m enjoying it. I find it relaxing and very satisfying. Plus I get to pedal my way through television shows and movies (thank you Netflix) that I wouldn’t otherwise watch. With an extra bonus of rediscovering my leg muscles and that deep feeling of satisfaction from deciding to do something and then actually doing it.

I’ve been running as well. Sticking to my three days-a-week routine. Just enough to keep the fitness level there and not too much that I’m going to end up on the slippery injury slope again. There just really isn’t anything quite like running in the woods.

I’ve also been yogaing (is this a word?). Really happy I’m back into my yoga practice again. The community at my area yoga studio (Mountaingoat Yoga) is very welcoming and is not caught-up in wearing the latest Lulus or being super bendy. I’m going on a yoga retreat in March with my mom so this dedicated practice now will be very helpful when we’re doing yoga two – three times a day for six days… Mexico in March will be a nice treat.

Away from the sweaty stuff I’ve also been writing, reading, chillaxing and making some plans and goals. Fingers crossed everything comes together. And that’s about it.

Marc is home so this is most excellent.

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