Shaking up 2015

This past cyclocross season I rediscovered why I love racing my bike so much. I thought my racing days were well behind me… but thanks to the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross series and a pretty fantastic group of people who come out every weekend to setup, race, and tear-down the courses – I’m hooked again.

When Marc and I traveled to Winnipeg for the 2014 Canadian Cyclocross National Championships, I watched the masters women’s race – I wanted to be out there. I wished I had a bike with me so I could ride and race the course.

The seed was planted and it kept on growing. I spent many hours ruminating racing again. I realized I was looking forward to racing every Sunday and really hated missing out on a race. I was analyzing my races in the car rides home and finding myself spending more and more time on my bike.

I decided that I wanted to really race again. So I made a deal with Marc – if I committed to riding the trainer three times a week starting in November and through-out the winter – he would give me some cyclocross training guidance. This was just the deal I needed to help me find that extra motivation to get up at 5 a.m and pedal away to nowhere in the basement (thank goodness for Netflix).

Flash forward to late December and a rather snowy and frosty run in the woods… My mind wandered towards racing and training. I made a decision. A big and smart decision. I got home, talked to Marc and fired off an email to my old coach and mentor Steve Weller of Bell Lap Coaching…

A couple more emails, a Skype chat, a visit with my gastro doctor and guess what? I’m a Bell Lap Coaching client again! This week I’ll be starting on a real structured and focused training plan that will see me lining up for the 2015 season fit and ready. I couldn’t be more excited.

I’ve got a few goals for the season that will help me stay focussed and determined when the rough days on the bike show up. I feel super lucky that Steve has agreed to take me on again. With his coaching, advice and encouragement he and I did some pretty fun stuff a few years ago. Looking forward to more fun stuff!

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