So Long February!

I for one, am very happy that is February is gone and behind us. I know that this is likely not an “enlightened” way of thinking – but seriously I didn’t enjoy February all that much. It was simply a month of bad stuff happening.

Now that March is here, I’ve decided to hit the 2015 reset button. The new year starts today: March 2. Good-bye to the crappy stuff that consumed February (losing Murphy, injury, never-ending flu/cough/migraine).

Hello to the greatness and optimism of March.

I’m kicking things off in style with a six-day yoga retreat at Casa Om in Mexico. I’m so looking forward to six days in a new-to-me place – the yoga, the relaxing, the hanging out with my mom, meeting new people, the water – all of it is going to be great.

I might be putting a lot of pressure on March but the thing is that March leads into my favourite month… April. I love April – bike riding outside, birthday cake, sunshine, flowers, birthday cake. Can’t go wrong with April!

I just finished reading an interesting article about Buddhism and lessons we can take from Buddhist wisdom… you don’t need to be a Buddhist (I’m not) to read and appreciate this article. Even if you take one thing from it, I think you’ll feel a bit different.

(I promise to eventually write about bikes and bike stuff – but really there is nothing happening right now. Haven’t touched my bike in over two weeks (damn February), but soon enough it will be time to pedal outside, so expect many long-winded ruminations on balancing on two wheels.)

Oh, and if you’re looking for something to do on Wednesday night… Come on out to Sir Robert Borden High School for the 2015 Waterwalker Film Festival – this event is organized by the Brazil Bound team (five Ottawa-area canoe slalom athletes who will represent Canada at the 2015 Junior/U23 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Brazil). If you can’t come out on Wednesday, check out the fundraising page and help these teens out.

And one more thing… my friend is looking for a cyclo-cross bike. Do you have a size 52 or 50 ‘cross bike that you want to sell? Let me know….

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