Rested and Recharged

Mexico trip-DSC01791-March 10

I’ve been home from my trip to Puerto Morelos, Mexico for a week now… and I have to say it was super fantastic trip. It was just what I needed to really hit the reset button in what has been a rather tough 2015.

Sometimes a complete departure from reality is really needed to realize how fortunate you are. This is what this trip gave me. A week-long yoga retreat on the coast of Mexico, surrounded by palm trees, sand, the ocean and lots of smiling faces – can’t get much better.

I did things on this vacation that I’ve never done before. In fact this was my first time travelling south. I swam in the ocean everyday (hadn’t swam in about 10 years). I went snorkelling and swimming at a cenote. Visited a Mayan village in Coba. I also disconnected more than I’ve had from the Internet.

Our days were spent doing yoga, swimming in the ocean, exploring the town, going on excursions, eating amazing food, sitting around and chatting, and simply relaxing. It was a busy but relaxing busy trip. I got out for some early morning runs on the beach – it’s very meditative to run in the dark with only the sounds of the waves to keep you company.

I went on this yoga retreat to Casa OM with my mom – this was super special. We try and do a trip together every couple of years and this like the others was a brand new location for both of us. Previously we’ve visited San Francisco and New York City. I think this one ranks pretty close to the top when it comes to new experiences and discoveries. (The super hot habanero sauce experience likely won’t ever be repeated!)

I’ve pretty much been talking about my trip non-stop. Poor Marc, I think he is tiring of hearing about Mexico (maybe he’ll be convinced to come next time…). It was that good.

I feel ready and recharged to focus on my 2015 goals and to start working on some real positive change.

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