The Scoop

Time flies… guess it’s been a while since my last post, update, rambling words.

Hmm, well what to tell you?

I’ve been riding a bunch. Thanks to the super guidance from coach Steve Weller, I can feel my legs getting sharper and my confidence growing. I must say it is super duper fantastic to be outside again. I knew I’d get a comfortable outdoor ride in before my birthday – and it happened on April 11. Cut it close this year, but close is better than nothing.

It’s so refreshing to be back out riding with a little bit of fitness and strength – it really does make the pedaling so much more enjoyable. My favourite ride so far was my birthday ride. I took a round-about way to get through Richmond and Munster Hamlet, finally arriving at Quitters Coffee in Stittsville for a birthday treat (best chocolate muffin and chai latte ever) and then it was just a short pedal down Shea Road to get home.

Speaking of birthdays… mine was pretty fantastic. Enjoyed a great Sunday night dinner with friends and a relaxing day on the 13th – the highlights being my ride, hanging out with Marc and most delicious cake at Oh So Good. Today a couple of colleagues surprised me with a birthday cake – so super thoughtful. (I like that they tried to get the healthiest cake possible – they chose a fruit flan. Good choice!)

In between the riding and cake eating, I’ve discovered a most excellent way to unwind and destress… Colouring. Yes, colouring. This is so darn relaxing and dare I say it, meditative. While I don’t have the famous Secret Garden colouring book by Johanna Bassford, I do have the second best thing – a book of 20 postcards excerpted from the Secret Garden colouring book. These postcards are a great way to break back into colouring (I think it’s been at least 30 years since I last coloured) because they are not very big and there is a range of detail in the cards.

Admittedly, this beautiful weather has brought with it some tough moments. I’m really missing our Murphy right now. He loved being outside during the spring – patrolling his backyard, hunting earthworms, smelling the grass, and keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. Normally we’ve been out enjoying our deck and the front porch – hasn’t happened yet this year… I plan to get out there this weekend and enjoy it. It won’t be the same without our Murphy.

(I am now trying really hard to think of something positive and uplifting to write. But frankly, I’m at a loss and have nothing to tell you.)

Go hug your cat. Give your dog a treat. Go kiss your kids. Hold onto your favourite people and pets.

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