It’s A Promising Day

“It’s a promising day” – this comes from the last line of an email I received this morning from my mom. This email and this sentence came at the perfect moment – I was feeling a bit moody and in a funk. I have no idea why – I woke up like this and I simply couldn’t shake this for-no-good-reason mood.

As is typical for me, a bike ride, some sunshine, some good podcasts and a bit of sweat contributed to turning me around. I kept on repeating “it’s a promising day” in my head as I was pedaling and soon enough I could feel myself feeling better and happier.

I’ll leave you with this video that features an ultrarunner named Anton Krupicka who I think is a very interesting fellow. He sums up nicely in this short video what it is that makes for a promising day (and life).

(I tried to embed the video but for some reason the Vimeo iframe code simply wasn’t working…)

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