Hey There

Hey there strangers, it’s been a while. Yes, totally all my fault.

No motivation to write. Nothing to say. Really didn’t feel like spilling my guts on this page. So I just pretended that this place didn’t exist.

Kind of hard to do. This spot would nag at me. With this nag would come guilt, pressure, fear, and fatigue. What could I possibly write today that would be worth reading by anyone else? What could I possibly have to share that anyone else would want to read? Why bother?

Yes, this pretty much sums up where I was for a while.

It got pretty easy for me to forget that no one has it easy. Everyone has struggles. For some reason I thought I was the only one struggling. This rather narcissistic view became my undoing.

Motivation was low. Smiles were not happening. Moping was the theme of the day.

Thing is, I knew while I was in it, that I didn’t need to be. That I didn’t have any reason to be. It just became this place that was kind of comfortable and easy.

I’ve dug myself out. I’m focused on looking at the good stuff. Not thinking about the things that should be coming and aren’t. Instead it’s all about the here and now. Making today a good day so that the next is a good one as well.

Our days don’t always need to be great. This is a lot of pressure. Our days need to be good. The outstanding ones,the ones that often take us by surprise, become the great ones. The “all time greats” don’t come along very often so it’s okay if everyday is not a great day. Having a good day is better than a bad day which is better than no day.

So yeah, I wasn’t around. I am now. Do I still have anything to say? I don’t know. Time will tell. (I can tell you, it feels damn good to be back in this place. I missed it.)


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