Good-Bye 2017

It’s just a bit after 12:00 p.m on December 31, 2017. I sit here patiently waiting for time to pass. Calvin is stretched out on the table (yes, a cat on the table). We’re waiting for a very special arrival today.

Not only is it the end of a not-partitcularly-fantastic year, it’s also the best day of the year – Marc comes home today from Belgium. As happy as I am for him to spend six weeks or more in Belgium racing and training – I do relish his return.

2017 was not fantastic. It wasn’t utterly horrible. But it really wasn’t great. Yes, there were many special days and moments, but these were overshadowed by persistent challenges.

The undercurrents to our year were my ongoing battles with health and Marc’s recovery from a concussion suffered on January 3, 2017. These two constants were with us everywhere we went. We’re very fortunate, Marc is 99% recovered from his concussion (we are lucky) – but the post-concussion symptoms will always be there.

More days than not, I was awash in a feeling of  “life sucks and then you die”. My commitment is to push this pessimism (some may call realism) to the far corners of my brain. We are lucky. So very lucky. No one is bombing us. The fridge is full. We are safe. We are loved.

I’m happy to welcome 2018 and put the losses, sadness, doubt, and fear behind us. Marc will be home in a couple of hours. Can’t hardly wait.

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