Good News

I don’t know what I believe in but I do believe that there is some kind of higher power out there keeping watch. I don’t know how it all works, I just know that it’s important to have some kind of faith and to believe in something. So I do.

I remember when I was in grade 12 and had a car accident – I managed to roll my dad’s car on a gravel road. My friend and I were left dangling upside down in the car, strapped in by our seatbelts (thank goodness we were wearing those) in a farmer’s field literally in the middle-of-nowhere northern Saskatchewan. We both walked away from the accident without a scratch – we were very lucky.

My dad said to me after that accident “someone was watching over you”. I didn’t think much of it at the time, but that comment really has left an impression.

Over the years I’ve thought about that someone who is watching when I’ve been dealing with injuries, illness, sadness, good fortune, and happiness.

On Monday it happened again. My phone rang and I received a life-changing phone call. In fact the phone call was over so quickly that I’ve been trying to replay its entirety over-and-over so I can remember every second of it, and to make sure that I gave the right answer to an all important question:

“Hi, I’m calling from the colorectal group. We’ve had a surgery cancellation for Friday February 9th. Do you want this surgery date?”

Yes, this is the question I was asked. I was stunned. Of course I said yes. So now I have a surgery date. I don’t know the time or even the hospital. I’m waiting for the next phone call and pre-op assessment.

Yesterday was a blur. Calling a few people, talking to my colleagues, planning out my work schedule, and really just trying to stop grinning. Most people might not get excited about surgery, but well, I’m a bit different.

This start of 2018 has been tough. The joint pain and the constant bleeding have been a lot. In the past two weeks I’ve had five medical appointments, seeing various doctors and giving up lots of blood for tests. On Thursday, I’ve got an appointment with one of the surgeons on the colorectal surgical group team – this was scheduled a few weeks ago to discuss my surgery options.

Some more good news is that I’ve learned more about the intense joint pain I’ve been dealing with since November. Turns out it’s called enteropathic arthritis due to ulcerative colitis. I saw a rheumatologist on Friday (again someone was keeping an eye – this appointment was originally scheduled for April 3 – but again a cancellation and I was called). The good news about this arthritis is that it should go away once I have the surgery. Relief. This joint pain has been the worst pain I’ve ever experienced – at times it has been so severe that I really thought I was crazy.

So yeah, good news. February 9th. A big day. I’m looking forward to lies ahead. Thanks to that someone who is keeping an eye – I’ll try to do the same.

2 thoughts on “Good News

    • Thanks Dawn! Yeah, not sure what is happening but good fortune seems to be swirling. I really hope it’s the same for you.

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