Reading, Watching, Listening, and Eating

It’s time for a post that is more interesting than my health chaos.


I like books. I remember as a kid I’d go to the library, come home with a stack of books, sit down and read all day. Nothing better really. However, sometimes reading in the middle of the day seems like a guilty pleasure, as if I should be doing something else. But this year, I’m abandoning the “shoulds” and fully subscribing to the “wants”. I’m an adult, surely reading in the middle of the afternoon is one of the few earned pleasures of making it this far without screwing up too much. So, here’s what I’ve read and what I’d like to read. Note, I’m a slow reader so please be patient with the disparity in the two lists.

So far this year in 2018, I’ve read:

  • The Crown: The Official Companion, Volume 1 by Robert Lacey. I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It took me a long time to read it but I felt I couldn’t rush through as I needed to absorb all the historical facts that somehow were missed in my many years of education. If you’re a fan of The Crown on Netflix or would just like to learn more about an important era – this is for you.
  • All We Leave Behind by Carol Off. This was a heavy heavy read. It pulled on my brain making me think hard about the destruction governments such as ours somehow justify. There was again so much history and key information in this book that I had to read it slowly. I also found reading about war and the real people involved in this harshness did not make for good bedtime reading. I’m torn on Carol Off’s decision, but this is exactly why she wrote the book, she is also torn on what is right/wrong as her role as journalist and compassionate human being. One paragraph stood out for me (not word-by-word but as I remember it), “When Asad and his family arrived in Hamilton, ON they were shocked. Shocked that in a country as rich as Canada, there would be people living on the streets – homeless with no one looking after them.” Please read this book, I think so many of us are unaware of what is happening on the ground in Afghanistan (and beyond) and why it’s happening.
  • After You and Still Me by Jojo Meyes. After two heavy books in a row, I decided to read some lighter fare. These two books by Jojo Meyes are the follow-on to Me Before You. Good writing. Engaging characters. Moments that generate a pause. Some subtle commentary on human decency. Thinking about what is important. If you’re looking for something that is cloaked in “lightness” but provides more, I recommend the three books. Start with Me Before You and then read them in order.
  • Wreckage by Emily Bleeker. I’m currently reading this. I’m trying to like it. It’s kind of a mystery/thriller (not my chosen genre). I’m at the point where I just want the author to skip all the dribble and get to what happened. But I’ll stick with it.

On my to read list:

  • Educated by Tara Westover
  • Land of Lost Borders: Out of Bounds on the Silk Road by Kate Harris
  • Long Haul: A Trucker’s Tales of Life on the Road by Finn Hales
  • Tears of Salt: A Doctor’s Story by Pietro Bartolo and Lidia Tilotta
  • My Journey from Death to Recovery and the Redemptive Power of Hope by Rana Awdish
  • Dunkirk: The History Behind the Major Motion Picture by Joshua Levine


I like to think that I don’t watch much in the way of television shows and movies, but then I’d be telling a half-truth. I watch and I like it. Primarily I watch shows on Netflix when I’m riding my bike. However, lately as I’ve been dealing with what feels like insurmountable fatigue, I’ve found myself on more weekend afternoons than I’d like to admit, flaked out watching something on Netflix. Such is life. I could nap instead, but frankly, I don’t nap. Napping only happens when I stretch out on the couch with my favorite quilt, a very warm black cat, and a carefully chosen program on Netflix – then I take an adult version of a nap.

If you find yourself in need of an adult nap or just want something to watch, here you go:

  • Broadchurch. Hooray for the third season.
  • Everest. What a film.
  • Restless Creature. Wendy Whelan gives us a look at what passion really is.
  • The Bridge. Seriously, how good is this series?
  • Top Chef. Can’t help it. I have to watch it.
  • Grey’s Anatomy. I watch in the name of research for my upcoming hospital stay. Okay, maybe a half-truth.
  • Molly’s Game. Very good movie.
  • Three Billboards. Wow. Wow. Wow.
  • All The Money in the World. Enlightening.
  • This Is It. For the Michael Jackson fans.
  • On Yoga. Interesting look at yoga from an interesting dude.
  • London Has Fallen. Yes, a weak moment. But it did it’s job. I was entertained.
  • Patriot’s Day. Okay it kept on showing up in my list. So I watched it. I liked it.
  • The Darkest Hour. A good film. But I felt I lacked the historical knowledge to really “get it”.
  • Kill the Messenger. Based on a true story. Worth watching to help understand what is and isn’t reported.

Okay, I was going to include lists for the Listening and Eating categories, but this post is too long now. I’m even getting a bit bored. So I’ll save that for another day.

If you have any recommendations for any of the categories: Reading, Watching, Listening, or Eating – let me know.

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