‘Cross Is Coming Stay Calm

Did you see the latest on the WWW? Cyclocross is coming. In fact, depending on where you live it might already be here.

It seems that in the last few weeks of August, so many people start to get into cyclocross-panic mode.

Stress about tires. Panic about tire pressure. Worry about mounts/dismounts. Much chatter about call-ups. So much stress and worry.

Well, here is what I think about all of this cyclocross panic:

  • Why are you racing cyclocross?
  • Are you a professional cyclocross racer who is making a living racing your bike?
  • Why are you freaking out?

As someone who has raced a lot of cyclocross at many different levels in many different countries – I can attest to the cyclocross-panic mode being universal. I also think it’s getting worse with every passing year.

If your dismount before the barrier is not super smooth – it’s okay. Sure, you haven’t been running – that’s okay – you’re a cyclist. And yes, even the top pros grab a handful of brake when they know they shouldn’t.

Have fun. Go out and race. Keep some perspective on why you’re racing. Don’t get sucked into spending hours obsessing over call-ups.

Get on your bike. Line up. Start hard. Keep your head up. Look through the corners for your exit.

Set your dismount speed. Remount when you’re ready (the number of steps after the barrier doesn’t matter).

Try not to brake too much but remember a controlled speed is always better than chaos.

Be friendly to the other racers. Thank the organizers. Encourage people when you’re standing on the sidelines watching.

Remember that it’s bike riding.

It’s cyclocross season – it’s the best time of the year. So enjoy it. Stop stressing.

See how much fun it is when you smile and goof around?

5 thoughts on “‘Cross Is Coming Stay Calm

  1. For me YES it is PANIC time because I cannot even mount and dismount! Also I am not very courageous therefore I need lots of practice to feel somewhat comfortable… why I do this then if it stress me so much?
    Because I like to be out of my comfort zone and continuous improvement … I am not good at racing CX … that means I have lots to learn. I am scared and excited at the same time …CX Fever its called 😜

    • The key is to have fun and enjoy the ‘cross season. It’s a short season so make the most of it. Panic and stress does not contribute to improvement. Trust me, I’ve been there and panic is the fast-track to frustration.

  2. Watching cx is enough excitement for aged parents! You don’t have to be the best, just the best at always trying hard.

  3. Your question why am i freaking out made me laugh and did ring a bell. I will remember those words at the next racing event and it will surely put a smile on my face. . Thanks Vicki

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