The Latest and Greatest

Okay, maybe the title overreaches a bit, but it’s the Internet and it seems to me that hyperbole is in vogue.

So, how are you?

Me, well, I’m hanging in. This is an honest answer. The summer has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs. Just when I feel like I’m getting my cycling groove back, I’m wiped out with fatigue.

I don’t know why this is happening. My suspicion is this my new reality thanks to the shingles. The few people I’ve chatted with about the shingles tell me that they haven’t felt “the same” since. And this is how I feel.

No point in ruminating about it. It is what it is. A new normal and something I have to get used to. Fortunately, I have experience with this.

And now, for something interesting (I hope)….  here is what I’m currently into:



  • Call The Midwife – I’m late to this period drama. In small doses it’s a good one, I find the birth scenes to be a bit noisy.
  • Diagnosis – I’ve long been a fan of Dr. Lisa Sanders’s column in the NY Times Magazine and I’m equally hooked on the Netflix documentary program. In a word:  riveting.
  • The Great British Bake Off – so very good. This program has it all (without the birthing scenes and medical drama).


  • This weekend I’m running a beginner women’s cyclocross clinic. I really enjoy helping women feel more confident on their bikes and get a real thrill from seeing them learn new skills.
  • Buffy Saint-Marie – Sunday night is going to be awesome. I’ve never heard Buffy Saint-Marie sing live. I once heard/saw her speak live on stage during a taping of Q during the Ottawa Juno week. I was captivated by her verve and spirit. Can’t wait to see her perform.
  • November 5th. This is I hope going to be a life-changing day for me. Some of you know that the shingles has left me with a cataract in my left eye. Well, over the last three months, my left eye has steadily deteriorated to the point where I really can’t see much with it. So, on November 5th, I’m having cataract surgery. Not something I thought I’d ever be having in my 40’s but heck, I didn’t expect to have my colon and butt removed either.
  • Montreal next week. I work for a company in the United States called Know Agency. I’ve been working with the fearless leaders of this SEO and digital marketing company since 2010. And now, finally next week,  I’m going to meet Kevin and Jane. I’m  playing it cool and collected right now but I expect that next Monday I’ll be second-guessing my outfit, my footwear, and hoping my cowlick isn’t sticking up.
  • The start of the Eastern Ontario Cyclocross season. This year my goal is to do five races. I know, not much but I’ve got dental surgery and cataract surgery smack dab in the middle of the race season.


  • Just the normal stuff of life. Cycling, at-home yoga, sketching, wasting time on the Internet, chasing Calvin the cat around, and spending time with my favourite guy. I would like to be doing more cycling,  yoga, and sketching – but some days are better than others. I would like to be spending less time on the Internet – I’ve been working gradually on reducing my time wasted online. As for Calvin the cat – well the more energetic he is – the better. And yes, all time spent with my favourite guy is extra special and precious.


  • I work from home so I’m lucky to be able to listen to whatever I want at whatever  volume I feel like. In the mornings I listen to CBC Radio One and in the afternoons at around 1:00 I switch to CBC Music. I  take a break  from  12 – 1 – I’m not a big call-in show fan. I’m slowly but surely starting to get the hang of classical  music – big thanks to Tom Allen and the summer hosts of Shift for gradually getting me used to this music.
  • The Cycling Podcast – this is my favourite cycling podcast. The hosts are smart, chatty, and are comfortable poking fun at themselves.
  • The Morning Shakeout – the host, Mario Fraioli has a knack for getting people, mostly runners to open up and be real. Always interesting  guests and valuable insights into life, sport, and balance.
  • Tough Girl Podcast – prepare to be inspired and to think seriously about setting out on a big adventure.
  • And a whole bunch of other podcasts from NPR, BBC, and the CBC.

And that’s it.


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