Truth Telling

The truth is, I keep writing blog posts and not publishing them.

I’m not not publishing because I don’t like the writing. Nope, it’s the words that give me issue. I worry that the content is too heavy and will be not taken for what it simply is – words on the page.

Just know that I am writing but I’m not sharing. It feels strange for me since my philosophy from the outset of creating this blog was to be honest with you. Honest about life as an elite cyclocross racer and being honest about life with an auto-immune disease. So not publishing feels like trickery.

Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. There have been some very low points for me in this year. I keep telling myself that things will get better and that it’s really not that bad. But geez, some days I wonder how much more is going to happen.

And still, I know I have it very lucky. So it makes it hard for me to tell you about the bits in between the bikes, cyclocross racing, working, living, traveling, and ice cream eating. Just know that the bits in between are making me feel less-than-lucky, not-so-resilient, and definitely-not-inspiring.

I suppose I need to remember a sentence that I recently posted in response to an Instagram post by a young Canadian cyclocross racer: “Remember, you’re only human.”

So this is me, being human. My current answer to “How are you?” is “I‘m tired. I’m tired of being tired. And no, rest doesn’t help. Something is not right. Oh, and I have a raging ear infection. My left ear feels like it’s on fire. Yes, I’m going to the doctor on Friday. Really all I want to do is to put on my track pants and eat peanut butter from the jar, but I know this is only a temporary fix. And besides, the peanut butter is frozen solid. I stuck it in the freezer so I’d stop eating it every single day at every single meal. Instead I’m hooked on decaf instant coffee. I know, not really coffee. But it is what it is. So yeah, this is how I am. How are you? Oh, are you watching Season 3 of The Crown? I’m thoroughly addicted and trying to pace myself.



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