I Didn’t Ride Today

It’s Sunday and I didn’t ride. I planned to ride. I got my bottles ready. My food was organized. I ate a pre-long ride breakfast (peanut butter on two toasted crumpets and one  slice of bread with peanut  butter and honey).

And then I walked up the stairs and my  legs felt rotten, my head was heavy, and I was short of breath. I thought back to Saturday when after a normal three-hour ride I couldn’t shake an overall body fatigue that left me dragging all day.

I decided I didn’t want to feel like that today. So I went back to bed. I napped. I read my book. And finally made it downstairs at 11. Normally I’m up and out the door for my rides at 8:00 so I  can get lots done on a Sunday.

Not today. I made soup. I made waffles. I made chocolate mousse. I talked on the phone with my mom. I sat in the backyard and sketched. It was good. Just what I needed. I had thought about yoga and a walk but this did not happen.

Slowly I’m getting that I don’t need to ride simply because this is what I’ve always done. If I don’t feel awesome. I can take an extra rest day. It doesn’t matter if I’ve already had two rest days this week.

It’s okay if I don’t ride on a Sunday when the sun is shining and everyone I know is out riding their bikes. I’ll probably ride tomorrow. But if I don’t the sky will not fall and I will not lose all my fitness.

I’m even going to eat pizza for supper – even though I didn’t do a long ride and burn 2,000+ calories. It’s okay to eat pizza, to drink homemade iced coffee, and eat waffles for lunch on a day I don’t ride.

It’s okay to let go and be okay with it all.


4 thoughts on “I Didn’t Ride Today

  1. LOVE IT! To often WE are our biggest enemy. That negative mental conversation that is riddled with guilt if we decide to just slow down and keep things simple. I think this is one of the things that this Covid-19 had thought me is that like you said, the sky will not fall if I roll out of bed at 9 instead of 6 am or if I decide to stay in my pj’s all day for just ONE day. Injury is always about not listening to our bodies by pushing them past those little tweaks that we feel and that gut feeling that nags at us because we know that something is up. So good for you for making that decision to just be in the moment today. Hugs, Julie

    • You’re right, all too often we are our biggest enemy. That voice in my head always wants more and can really overpower my soul and spirit. Sunday was just what I needed and I feel refreshed for the week. Hugs right back at you!

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