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Just killing time here in Binghamton, N.Y. Marc is racing this afternoon and I’m up tomorrow. So we are holed up in our hotel room trying to stay out of trouble in downtown Binghamton… So what else to do but surf the WWW?

I ride egg beater pedals. Love them. But the cleat/pedal system rips up the bottom of my carbon soled mountain bike shoes. I know it is not really a big deal. But it is annoying. Well Crank Brothers have introduced a smooth product called the shoe shield. Now your shoes will stay nice and scratch free. Yay!

Tires. What kind of tires will you be riding this season? The tire debate is an endless one in some cyclo-cross circles. I know guys who can debate tire choice and tire pressure for hours… I’m a fan of tubulars – primarily because you can run a lower tire pressure with them. Last year I used Challenge Grifo tires. This year I’ll be running Dugasts. What about you – what are you running? How low do you feel comfortable going (I’m talking tire pressure here…)?

Interesting article over at
CycloCross World
about the state of ‘cross in North America.

Check out this Q and A with
Sven Nys
at Cyclocross Magazine. I once rode with Sven Nys. Okay well I was on the famous Begijnendijk ride and my partner happened to be Sven Nys. When I realized who it was I focused on riding in a straight line and not taking him down! I once ended up with Neils Albert as my partner on this same ride. This was very cool – we chatted for an hour during the ride about racing in Belgium compared to racing in Canada and about cyclo-cross. Very friendly guy.

Just found this very cool calendar on Cyclocross Magazine. Check it out. No excuses now for missing a race!

Okay, time to go. Gotta get some food for us to munch this afternoon and get ourselves over to the race. Have a good one.

I leave you with this question: pre-clip or not before dismounting?

One thought on “Snazzy stuff

  1. I’m looking for long haul cyclocross endurance races like the ironcross
    (check out:

    Just wondering if anyone down there knows of any others
    (any 100 milers on a cyclocross)

    I know there is an underground staged race in Shanandoah (Tour de Burg), it’s suppose to be brutal. It’s days of mtbing and days of road riding (anything greater than 700x28s is looked down upon greatly).
    Anything of similar format, but on a cyclocross bike.

    As for tires, I’m still trying to find the perfect fit.
    I don’t do cyclocross racing, but I do train on a cyclocross in the Gatineaus.
    Most of my racing is mtb.
    Cyclocross offers the perfect ride.
    Hoping to get out to a cyclocross race this coming fall.
    At least do the iron-cross race down in Penn state.

    As for egg beaters – I’m just wondering how many people had to replace the bearings. They are easy enough to change. But, I did have problems with one of the bearings. Can get the bearings for them for about 5 bucks a piece at GBS off Kent Street.

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