Wow – for some reason the fatigue that hits on Monday after a weekend of racing is always a shocker. You’d think that by now, I’d be used to it. Nope. I’m good until about 3:00 – then I become pretty useless. Guess this is what a recovery day is for!

Not much happening really. Training wise, I’ve got a 90 minute recovery ride on deck. Me, the trainer, and the television. Don’t think I want to ride outside it is -3. But then again, it is better than riding the trainer. Ah, I don’t know….

I’ve posted some links to some photo pages from the Mercer Cup. Check out the photos page. Thanks to all the photographers who were out for the weekend. Not only does the cheering help, but the photos to look at after the race help as well.

Making a trip down the 401 again this weekend to Toronto. Racing in the Ontario Provincial Cyclo-Cross champs on Sunday. Looking forward to a short travel weekend and only one night away from home.

Can you believe that in three weeks we’ll be packed up and getting on a plane heading to Belgium? Talk about time flies. We are fairly organized. As organized as can be – considering the travel to Rhode Island beforehand.

So, the World Cups. I’ve made a decision. Thanks to some sage advice from Adam Myerson, Steve Weller, Marc, and Glen Rendall – I’ve decided to race in Nommay, Zolder, and Roubaix. Best to get the experience now this year, so that next year when I’ll be really ready to race with these girls, I’ll know what to expect and have the “first-time World Cup” jitters out of my system. Kind of like racing elite here – now it is routine and I know what to expect – this greatly reduces the stress and anxiety.

Speaking of races and World Cups – I’ve finally updated my race calendar. Lots of racing action going on. You’ll notice that there are quite a few “smaller” races on my schedule. My belief is that when I’m in Belgium I should race as much as possible. I don’t care what the race is. I’ll race with junior boys, master’s men, elite women – whoever. The more racing, the more experience, the more learning – equals more progress. Sure, a lot of these races are not “prestigious” and don’t get covered on the big cycling web sites. No problem with me. I’m not racing in Belgium for the glory or attention – I just want to get better.

One big day that is not on the race calendar – Jan. 24 – Masters World Cyclo-Cross Championships in Mol, Belgium. This day I’ll be in Mol, cheering on and supporting Marc. Really looking forward to this.

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