Hoogerheide World Cup Pre-Ride

Great day today. Very relaxing morning this morning. Just me, Erik and Connor here relaxing and feeling the vibe. Marc and Alex were off at the Master’s World Cyclo-Cross Championships at Mol.

We loaded up the team van and hit the road to Hoogerheide. We did it without a GPS! One wrong turn but really no issues.

So the course. Well, it is different than it has been in years past. From what I understand, it is very different. This means one thing – no massive descent. In fact we go up the descent (running). There is a steep fast descent off the start that will be interesting tomorrow. The course was not too soggy while we were there. The rain was just drizzling but already the course was starting to get a bit soggy.

It will be interesting to see how the course will be tomorrow. If the rain keeps coming down it will be a mud bog. Cool. There are some interesting little twists and turns. One steep pitch before the fly-over. Some nice power sections as well. A good mix of technical, power, brains, and brawn.

How am I feeling? I’m feeling good. Had a great time on the course today. Had some good pre-ride laps. Good sensations. The thumb felt good. I opened it up a bit, but not too much. Just wanted to get in some good solid laps. It is always a challenge to not do too much the day before a World Cup. It is tempting to ride and ride, especially when you run into people that you know.

It was good to see lots of friends that I hadn’t seen in a while. This is one the best things about ‘cross racing – seeing friends you don’t get to see normally.

Looking forward to racing tomorrow. Check back tomorrow for a race report and report on the day. Thanks for the emails and fast vibes.

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