Hoogerheide World Cup

Suffice it to say, today was an awesome day. Just from waking up to this point – the day has been truly great. I had a great time at the bike race today. I had spectacular support. I had good legs. I had a great head on my shoulders. My bikes were working great. Just a sweet day.

I’ve written a race report over here. My result really wasn’t that different from any other. With one major difference…. I did not get lapped! That’s right – you read correctly – I did not get lapped. I heard the bell. What a sweet sweet sound. Really, it was like a symphony in my ears.

I had so much fun out there. I kept things in perspective. I raced in a World Cup. I raced with past, present, and future World Champions. I held my own. I finished on the lead lap. I had fun. I smiled. I accomplished a few of my goals. And even better – I smiled while doing it.

The crowd support was incredible. People were supporting me through-out the day. From the warm-up, to the start, to the finish. Marc and Alex were awesome in the pits. Luc took some awesome photos. The Canadians were awesome today – the three juniors did their first World Cup, Erik did his second World Cup – they all cheered me on as well. This was just a great day.

We capped it off with a fine dinner at Sultan’s – many thanks to Erik for the supper. We even had dessert, I had a double chocolate Magnum bar – sweet nectar. Now I’m relaxing with a warm mug of chai tea.

(I don’t know what the Internet connection will be like in Tabor, so this might be the last you hear from me until after the World Championships.)

3 thoughts on “Hoogerheide World Cup

  1. Thanks for all the reports and the great efforts that have put you on that same lap!
    Sweet to sit in cubicle land here and get a few minutes of enjoying your adventure.
    Tales from the big ring. Good luck next week.

  2. watched you race in holland with my friend johnny fokkema and was wondering why you do not compete at the master worlds instead of the world cup. would it not be better for you to finish in the top 10 at a the world masters championships then dead last at a world cup race. i applaud your competivice drive just think when representing canada you should be up there in the result list. Von who won came across the finish line seconds after you crossed it to do your bell lap.

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