Where has our toasty March weather gone? Yikes. It was a bit frosty out there today. I know it is still only March but I guess I’ve been spoiled by the ridiculously warm weather so far. In uncharacteristic fashion, I under dressed for today’s ride. Usually I’m so overdressed that I’m sweating by the end of the block. Not today. I wasn’t cold but I wasn’t warm either. Then after my round of intervals I was sweaty and ended up getting a bit cool on the ride home. Ah well, could have been worse – it wasn’t snowing or raining and I am riding my bike outdoors in March.

All in all, it was still a most excellent ride. Nothing like opening the legs up a bit with some tempo efforts. Need to work on my cadence though. My cadence is nice and high when I’m riding around in my endurance zone but as soon as I start to put some real pressure on the pedals I get into that grind and stomp mode. This will be a focus in the coming weeks to rid myself of this nasty habit. I’m also working on using my upper body more effectively. I learned from Marc that I’m not pulling on the bars properly when I’m accelerating or sprinting. So I’m trying to train myself to really use my arms, shoulders, pectorals, and brain when accelerating.

Funny you look at the bike and watch a cyclist ride and it all looks pretty simple. Sit on seat. Grip the bars. Push on the pedals. But there is so much more to it than that. Another reason why cycling is one of the most amazing sports – there are so many finite details and things to learn and re-learn.

Popped in to The Cyclery today to pick up some bottles and say hello to Vince and the crew. Super awesome to see the store busy. Lots of people in there buying new bikes. If you’re in the market for a new bike, new shoes, or some new clothes, definitely stop off at Bank and Sunnyside. I took a look at the new Icebreaker clothing – some smooth looking t-shirts and golf shirts. I do have to tell you that the support I receive from Vince truly is overwhelming. No matter how busy the store is or what he has going on, he always has time to help me out – be it talking about my bikes, helping me get some new shoes or helmet, or just sitting down to talk bike racing and life. Couldn’t do this without his support.

Looks like I’m going out on The Cyclery group ride tomorrow. Kind of funny, in three years, I’ve never gone on The Cyclery group ride. Suppose there is a first time for everything. Looking forward to it. A nice longish route eventually stopping at the infamous Richmond Bakery and then a roll back into town. Leaves me lots of options as well since the Richmond Bakery is a little over a 30 minute pedal from my place. Maybe I can convince the guys to check out the new coffee shop in Richmond. I love the name: Never Too Latte.

Well, that’s about it for today. Tomorrow I’ll be dressed more appropriately for the weather! Lets keep our fingers crossed that it doesn’t rain – we lucked out today with a sunny and fresh day. I’ve got my new training program for the next four weeks. It is a good one. Lots of four hour and three hour rides in there. So if you’re looking for a riding buddy for your long rides, be sure to email me. Pretty much every Sunday this month I’m out for four hours.

Have a good one. Here is something to think about:

What are you doing right now to get you where you want to be?

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