Sunday Riding

Ah, sitting here watching the end of Gent-Wevelgem with my favorite guy. Wow – I can feel the pain of the break. Such a beautiful sport. Fitting way to wind down after a busy day of riding for ourselves.

We hooked up with The Cyclery crew for a fun and at times fast group ride. Original plan was the Richmond Bakery but the wind caused us to change our plans. Carp it was! I had a lot of fun on the ride. Moments of floating along effortlessly on the pedals sandwiched between bouts of pounding the pedals and focusing on the wheel in front of me. At the end of it all, I got in a little over three hours. Good. Perfect way to spend a Sunday. Riding bikes and hanging out with friends. Kind of like when I was a kid. Really much better than anything else I can think of right now.

Pretty chilled out afternoon. Usual house stuff to do. Amazing how much laundry two cyclists can generate!

I think one of the best things about today’s ride was how welcoming and friendly everyone on the ride was. It was smiles all around with lots of chatter about bikes, work, kids, and life. There was no craziness as can happen on group rides. Just a fun group. (Okay, there was that insane moment on the way back where the pace got a bit hot for me… But next time I’ll be ready for it!) Fun on bikes on the weekend. Nice.

Rumor has it that Kanata Lakes is starting to dry up. Cool. Think I’ll find myself there this week to work some rust out of my trail riding skills. Maybe a smooth double day with a road ride before lunch chased by a mountain bike ride. Doesn’t get much better.

Today is one of those days when I realize how fortunate I am. I was going through my blog posts over the years and found it very interesting how I dealt with setbacks and what I drew inspiration from. I like to believe I’m better at handling the hurdles and bumps along the way. But one thing does remain consistent for me, I still draw inspiration from those around me. For this, I have you to thank. Your words, comments, emails, even smiles, help me keep staying focused. Everyday one main thought runs through my brain and keeps me on track:

Vicki, what are you doing right now to reach your goals?

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