Come on Rain!

Yes, I want it to rain. The rain melts the snow. The rain means we are above freezing. So bring on the rain.

I did get out for a ride on Tuesday afternoon. It was most excellent. The sun was shining. Light wind blowing. Really perfect conditions for the first spring ride of the year. The roads were also very dry. The only sections with water were on the streets of my little suburb. I did notice that the snow in the fields really is melting quickly. I wasn’t riding along a road surrounded with massive snow banks as I have in years past. All in all, an excellent ride.

The only problem during the ride was my tendency to over dress. I have a fear of being cold. So instead I pile on layer after layer and end up being a tad warm and getting a bit over-heated. Eventually I’ll get the fine art of dressing for the early season rides correct. Looking forward to the days when all I need to pull on are shorts and a jersey.

Today I was back on the trainer due to the most welcome rain. With talks of freezing rain and potential snow flurries, the only logical choice for me was the basement. No problems I had some entertainment on the television to keep me company. I’ve been watching Spooks – an excellent crime drama.

Okay, so everyone do a rain dance today and lets hope for the sunny weather promised for the weekend. I guess March is in like a lion but will be out like a lamb…

4 thoughts on “Come on Rain!

  1. Very good point Rob! Nothing I dislike more than cleaning my bikes! I hope you’re getting out for some spring rides.


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