So Very Close

Oh, spring is so very close. It is almost here. I can feel it. The sun is blazing these days and I love the sound of melting snow. (Yes melting snow makes a sound…) To top it off, I’m going to get myself outside for my ride today. With a high of 9 celsius, this is the perfect temperature for a first spring ride of the season.

I’m starting to feel my body coming around. Finally! I know that it takes time to rebuild fitness and strength but I think I’m on the way to feeling close to my old self. Mentally I really just want to ride more, run longer and go to more yoga classes. This is a good thing. I’m over the fatigue that I was battling in the first few weeks of getting back to training. My appetite has returned and my body is telling me that it wants to go.

The weekend of training was pretty good. A hard and challenging run on Saturday thanks to the melting snow and layer of slush. Wow – my legs were burning. Awesome! Sunday I had a date with my rollers and some tempo intervals. This was my first time doing intervals on the rollers – good news is I didn’t fall off and I learned that the faster I pedal the easier it is to ride the rollers.

I’m stoked to get outside this afternoon to get a good dose of Vitamin D and the feeling of wind in my face. Keep your fingers crossed that the promised warm temperatures do actually happen. There is talk of a ride to Merrickville on Sunday…

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