Just sitting here after one of the best rides I’ve done. There aren’t any photos of breath taking scenery. No tales of epic climbs. I didn’t win the sprint for the town sign. Instead it was just me and the open road. Sounds pretty typical for my rides right? Except for one thing, I had complete and utter freedom. From my brain. Yes, my brain turned off. There weren’t any “to do” lists floating through my brain, I wasn’t thinking ahead to what to have for supper today/tomorrow/next week, I wasn’t fretting about the unfolded laundry or the messy basement. Nope, my brain took a break and just sat on for the ride.

This doesn’t happen very often for me. Normally my brain is as busy during my rides as my legs. Sometimes it seems the harder and longer I pedal, the more my brain shouts and churns away. But not today.

It was a great ride.

Funny thing is I didn’t even realize this had happened until I was in the shower thinking about my ride and I realized that I couldn’t remember what I was thinking about during my ride… I know it sounds confusing but really it is quite simple. I had a break-through ride. It was me, my bike, and no one else.

Crossing my fingers that this isn’t a fluke and that I can repeat this tomorrow. Right now this is worth more to me than power numbers and race registrations.

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