Aspere-Gavere Cyclocross Race

This was my third season racing the Aspere-Gavere cyclocross race and I guess it is true – the third time is the charm! I had my best race ever on this course. It was a great feeling to see the 1 lap to go card and to hear the bell! I’m content with my race and result, but as always – I want more.

Today, my technical riding skills held me back. I’m not as strong on the descents and in the corners as the other girls – so this really cost me today. There is only so much time I can make up during the climbs and on the flat sections to compensate for my over braking on the descents. But the one good thing was that each lap, I tried to brake less and less and to go faster and take more risks. Apart from one crash which was in a slippery grassy corner – I managed to stay upright!

The race course at Aspere-Gavere has a lot of fast and slightly intimidating descents combined with a long climb, three steep climbs, some false flats, a ditch crossing, and some straight sections. Really this course is not like any cyclocross course in North America. It is a super fun course that has you focused and drilling it at all times.

I’ve written a race report which gives you more in-depth detail about my race today. Suffice it to say – I’m content and looking for more.

I have to say the entire weekend was top-notch. On Saturday I drove to Dilbeek and stayed with Ignace and Katie. Ignace is my super-mechanic and good friend. My intention was to take them out for supper on Saturday night as a way of thanking them for everything – but Ignace wouldn’t let me pay… Anyway we went to a Chinese Wok Buffet restaurant – it was super good and I really liked that I could choose exactly what I wanted and see it being cooked. This morning I was treated some scrambled eggs to go with my normal pre-race breakfast and then Ignace and I were off to the race. After my race and some chilling out with friends it was back to Ignace and Katie’s place to watch the elite men’s race and to have some supper. It was just a great weekend with time spent with friends, cyclocross racing and generally feeling very content.

The only thing that I found hard was not being in Ottawa to see Marc win the Masters 40-49 Ontario Provincial Cyclocross Championship title! I’m super proud of Marc for his race. Many thanks to my dad for being out at the race. Here is a picture my dad took of Marc:

(One more thing about the race today – it was a good thing it was a Typhoon day since I forgot one of my Rhinos here at the house in Blauberg!)

Thanks for the cheering, the photos, the words of encouragement, and the smiles. Hope you had a great day today as well.

2 thoughts on “Aspere-Gavere Cyclocross Race

  1. Well Done ! ! !
    As you said some steps forward. Crashing shows you were getting near the limit. Gotta crash once and a while to figure it all out right 🙂
    I had a pretty good race today as well with me following Megan for her lap then went off and did a few laps with the gang. Was racing someone all race and dropped a chain at a bad time. Almost caught back up but its amazing how we always think would’a, should’a, could’a after a race even if it is a decent performance. I guess that shows competitiveness 🙂
    Keep it up.
    Yeah Marc too!

    • Congrats Paul on a great race today! Very nice to read that Megan raced today as well. Yes, have to keep pushing those limits – sometimes easier said than done – but small steps forward. I think you really would have liked today’s race course! Hope you’re feeling well. Thanks for reading and commenting! cheers, vicki

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