Feeling better today. Think I’ve been battling the flu all week. The headaches and unhappy stomach would indicate this. Well, it is a double race weekend so the flu has no choice but to be gone! So I’ve determined that it is gone (or at least hoping)!

We’re off to Koksijde in a few hours. I’ll get in a couple laps of the sandy course and then it is off to our rented house in De Panne for the evening. Racing on Saturday afternoon at 1:30 Belgian time. After this race it is a quick clean-up and then a 4.5 hour drive to Gieten, Holland for number two on the race schedule on Sunday.

I’ll post tonight about the race course and my thoughts on it. At this point I’m thinking it will be very similar to last year’s course. Sand, sand, more sand and some crazy descents. Anything less and it just wouldn’t be Koksijde!

Keep sending those healing vibes.

(On another note – I had the battery replaced in my Timex Ironman digital watch and now it won’t make any beeps or alarms. Any ideas?)

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