Off to New Jersey

In an hour or so we’ll be on the open road making our way to New Jersey. The US Gran Prix Mercer Cup races are this weekend. Fun stuff. Not only is the racing excellent but the whole spectacle is kind of cool. Typically there is a decent expo to wander around in and spend some dollars at.

We are pretty much good to go. I’ve got all the food sorted out – made a serious chili for this weekend complete with some salsa rice. In fact I think I’ve got enough food to feed a small bike racing team! This always happen – I tell myself to prepare less food and to pack less – but I always end up with the same amount! The race bags are packed. The green bag (street clothes) is packed. The mini-van is loaded up with shiny bikes and wheels. Sweet.

Went to The Cyclery yesterday and picked up my new lid. Dudes, it is sexy. Black, white and red Giro Monza. Thanks Vince – you rock! It is going to look pretty fast with my kit. Remember the motto: if you can’t be fast – at least look good. Well, I’m aiming for both ends of said motto.

The Europe race calendar is nearly complete. Debating World Cups right now. There are four World Cups scheduled while I’m away. I had planned on doing Zolder only. But Marc thinks I should race at Roubaix and Nommay as well. I don’t know. I can race “locally” on those days instead – saving money and not traveling. But World Cups are big races so the more experience at the big races the better. Don’t know – need to decide quick so I can get myself organized, registered, and on all the lists. What do you think? Some of you are very experienced racers – what would you do?

Looks like it will be wet this weekend. Fine for racing. Not so fine for spectating and working the pit. Good thing I’ve got my handy waterproof fleece lined pants. These keep my super toasty while standing around yelling at people to pedal faster and to dig deep.

Me, I’m all about aggression this weekend. Aggressive on the line. Aggressive in the corners. Aggressive with the course. Aggressive with the bike. Aggressive mentality. Don’t worry I’m not going to turn the elite women’s race into a UFC fight or anything like that. Rather aggression is my “catch-phrase” for the weekend. It reminds me to race like I can and need to – to get where I want to be.

Yikes the time is speeding away. I have to go. Safe travels. Hopefully I’ll see you in New Jersey this weekend. I’ll be trying to stay away from Whole Foods. Don’t get me wrong – I love that grocery store. But it is like a vortex – 20 minutes turns into an hour and 3 items on the shopping list turn into 17 items…

Check out this video of the Magog, Quebec ‘cross race.

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