Rolling Along

Was out early for a recovery spin before hoping in the car for the drive to Beauce, Quebec and I simply had one of the best rides on my bike all week. It could be because of the more “relaxed” pace of the recovery ride. It could be due to some increased fitness gains and breakthroughs. But really I attribute the sensations to simply appreciating being outside with the freedom to do as I please.

Yep, feeling pretty darn lucky right now. Probably has to do with the great news Marc received from his doctor this week. He has been given the green light to race at Nationals next week. The head is clear. The leg is on its way. Perfect. I must say I’m pretty darn happy for Marc.

I’ve had a couple of really good days of training. Hit up the ‘cross bike on Monday after work. I wanted to escape the heat so decided to jump into the woods. Loved it. Nothing like zipping through singletrack listening to the birds. Tuesday I did a longish ride on the bike. When combined with my commute to work and back I had a four hour plus day! Then yesterday it was more of the same. Lots of pedaling in the sun and the heat. Had a super smooth avocado milkshake as a reward for the miles I put in.

Okay, well I best blast as we are about to hit the road. Miracle of miracles we are actually ahead of schedule. Hmm, I see a stop at Starbucks in my future. Have a good one. If you’re traveling to Beauce this week or next – drive carefully. Safe and fast racing as well, if I don’t get to wish you luck beforehand.

(For those of you not making the trip – feel free to send me some fast vibes at around 1:00 on Saturday and then send them Marc’s way next Friday and Sunday! I’ll be sure to repay the favor.)

(P.S. some big plans shaping up for the fall. Stay tuned for the exciting news! Oh yeah, I’m feeling super stoked about life and the future right now.)

Seize the day!

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