Training Bliss

Wow – can you believe it is July? Let me simply say this: time flies. Even more so when I’m having fun. This summer has pretty darn fine so far. Maybe I’m still on the post-vacation high, but I like to think not. Yep, so far so good.

The vacation in St. Georges de Beauce was just what I needed. Not a typical vacation destination but it was just what I needed. We were pretty much detached from reality – no Internet or cell phone service at the house on Lac Poulin. At first I thought this might be an issue. But guess what – I didn’t really miss the Internet. Not having email was a hassle a few times but other than that I was pretty happy to be “cut off”. After a few days those web sites I simply had to check didn’t seem all that important. Instead I spent my time training, reading, sitting, talking and simply being.

After a few days I realized I was smack dab in the middle of a mini-training camp. My days were focused purely on my training. I pretty much had all day everyday to get my training in. This allowed me to really really focus on the bike. I didn’t have to think about fitting it in around my work hours or other appointments. It really was the perfect training environment.

I got in lots of long rides, a bunch of intensity work and a couple of easy recovery days. One of the differences for me was the terrain. Typically here at home I ride on pretty flat roads – the only nemesis being the wind. But in the Beauce region, it is all about hills. After a few days I was comfortable with the terrain and the mental aspect of climbing really wasn’t a factor. I actually started to look forward to some of the steep and long climbs – another way to test myself. (But don’t get me wrong, I’m kind of relieved to be going out for a flat ride today!)

So cyclo-cross season is getting close. I must say I did miss my cyclo-cross bike last week. Definitely looking forward to getting out on it this week. Hoping to do my Thursday recovery ride in the woods. Should be nice to hit up the trails and be in nature. Now is the time when I start looking at racing schedules, think about travel, etc. Exciting times definitely. Once again I’ll be looking for people who are interested in coming to Belgium and staying in the house in Blauberg. If you’re thinking of making the trip and having any questions etc., don’t be shy – drop me an email and ask away.

Dugasts. Dugasts. Dugasts. Do you want some? Of course you do! Well, The Cyclery has got them in stock. I suggest you get on the phone pronto and get yourself some sweet tires. You won’t regret it. Trust me.

Okay, I’m out of here. Heading out of the cubicle in a little bit and making the commute home. Then it is a smooth 2.5 hours on the road bike. Me, the iPod and the flat roads. Hello summer. Bring on the fall.

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