Settled In

Well, it really didn’t take me long. Not that I expected it to. I’m fully in the groove of bike racing and training and not sitting in a cubicle. This is only my second day of such a life, but already I’m noticing changes in my body and mind. All for the better. It is interesting that I’ve noticed this adaptation so quickly, particularly since I didn’t leave a stressful work environment. But I guess there was the hidden stress that probably was affecting me more than I realized. By hidden stress, I refer to the small little things: what to wear to work, commuting back and forth, scheduling rides around being at the office, and generally just getting everything done. I know, I know – poor me – this is what everyone goes through. But believe me, when one big piece of the daily life puzzle is taken care of, it is amazing how much lighter you feel.

We are getting a dose of rainy weather here. I’m not a massive fan of the rain. I think this has something to do with growing up in northern Saskatchewan – suppose this is because it rarely rains there. In fact, I didn’t even own a rain coat – if it rained, we stayed in… But I’m starting to appreciate the rain, because rain isn’t snow. I have a strong dislike of the snow. Again, I attribute this to growing up in northern Saskatchewan where it seemed we were blanketed in the white stuff for most of the year (October – April).

Got out for an excellent ride yesterday. It was suprathreshold day. Love and hate these intervals. So so hard. But so satisfying when they’re done. The feeling of speed when doing these is amazing. The intervals did a number on my legs – just what I wanted. I cooled down/recovered by riding through the crazy traffic of Kanata to get to Marc’s office. Nice reward of a hot shower and a lunch date with my favorite guy made the rain and traffic worth it.

I’m just sitting here looking at the soggy air and considering today’s ride. It is long ride day with a block of tempo at the end. Perfect podcast riding. Then post-ride I’m looking forward to a chilled out afternoon. Have a few more errands to run and then I’ve got plans tonight. Nice.

Things are coming together really well for my trip. Pretty much everything is organized. Really all I have to do now is pack. And I can’t do this until the weekend. So I get some time to relax and double-check my lists!

Okay, I’m out of here. Time for another cup of tea before I face the soggy outdoors…

One thought on “Settled In

  1. Hi Vicki,

    Are you able to give me your contact number. I have a few questions regarding Belgium this year. My number is613-850-3681

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