European Training Days

Sitting here right now in the trusty RV, parked in a campsite in Nurnberg, Germany. We ended up staying overnight in Aigle and then on Monday after I got in a solid two hours on the bicycle paths, it was back in the RV and off to Frieburg, Germany.

Have to say the riding in Aigle is simply amazing. I managed to keep my ride flatish and not go too high up the many mountains. The bicycle path system is most impressive and everything is really well signed. I wish I could of ridden for longer as it was just amazing.

We got into Frieburg and set up in a campsite (thanks Pete for the information) and then walked into the old town for some exploring and supper. This morning I was out on the bike for another bicycle path adventure. These paths are just not like the paths we have in Ottawa – rather you can ride these paths for hours and hours. I rode along the river that runs through Frieburg and eventually ended up in a nearby town which I was told is the gateway to numerous mountain bike trails. It was uphill and into a headwind all the way so I was pleased to turn around – not exactly what I wanted for my recovery ride.

(I did take a bunch of photos on the ride but the WWW connection here is not great – so I think the photos will have to wait until I get home. For photos from the race – check out Luc Van Der Meiren’s photo album – he has tagged me in a bunch of photos as has Johnny.)

Tomorrow I’ll set out and discover the bicycle paths from this campsite in Nurnberg. Have a two hour ride on tap with some tempo intervals with some accelerations thrown-in for some extra spice. My body is feeling pretty good – think I’m responding well to the treatments. Looking forward to seeing what I can squeeze out of it this weekend in Plzen.

Tomorrow after I’m done training we’re heading into Nurnberg for some exploring. Then after my ride on Thursday we’re driving to Plzen where we’ll stay put.

So far the trip is going well. Bit wet today so I’m hoping it stops raining tonight as I don’t feel like two hours in the rain and 8 celsius! I didn’t bring a small hat or neck tube with me, but I found both in a Euroshop (dollar store) – each for a Euro!

Thanks for the great comments on Facebook and the emails. I retweeted a link from Mark Legg-Compton – it has a link to the race highlights – including the women’s race. It is worth a watch – you get a feel for most of the race course.

(Thanks for the patience with these blog posts – it is nice to finally have some WWW access. No guarantees at the next place though!)

Life is good. Body feels good. Pretty darn thankful to be on this two week racing adventure. I’ll be home on Oct. 26, racing in Toronto on Nov. 6 and then on the place on Nov. 8 and racing in Niel, Belgium on Nov. 11. Whirlwind but the way I like it!

My dad has posted some photos on Flicker:

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