As the Wind Blows

I still can’t believe the winds we had on Thursday. Crazy. I’ve never been blown around on a bike like that before. At times I think I was horizontal leaning into the wind just trying not to get blown off the road. Ah well, at times the ride was unnerving but I did get a very good hard ride thanks to Mother Nature.

It was also a treat to be riding with bare legs. Hard to believe that my first bare legged ride of the year was on April 29! I was hoping to continue this trend today, but I don’t think 10 celsius is warm enough for bare legs. (Well, at least not for my old bones and muscles!)

I felt pretty darn good on the bike yesterday and I’m really hoping this trend continues. Probably a combination of three days of rest and the knowledge that we are getting my medicine issues sorted out. It really is amazing to realize what a dose of mental strength and confidence can do for my legs!

I’m looking forward to a nice long ride again on Saturday. I’m undecided on my destination – either Merrickville or perhaps off to Almonte/Mississippi Mills. Either way it will be good to get out and do some intervals and and a long ride. Sunday is all about trail running for me. I really have to say that I enjoy these romps in the woods. I’m not a fast running but I do feel like I’m really getting myself for ‘cross since running is not my strong point, so putting in the hardwork now will pay off in November all the way through to January. After four seasons of racing cyclo-cross in Europe, I’ve learned that you need to have a running game – whether it is for the short steep uphills that at times are so steep you’re using your hands to scramble up or if it is for the running in the deep shoe-sucking mud.

Yes, I’m looking forward to cyclo-cross. I hope the trails dry up soon so I can get out and do some trail riding. When I was sick in the hospital last December, I wrote down a whole bunch of cyclo-cross training drills to help me improve technique, and I’m itching to get out there and working on these skills.

Speaking of which, it is time to pull on my kit and get out for a smooth recovery ride. I hope your weekend is packed with some good riding and racing plans.

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