Just Riding Around

This is not the summer I had planned. In fact it is the stark opposite of the summer I had planned. For a few days, I wallowed in not having the summer I had planned.

But now I’m in a new place. Now I am savouring the summer I have. I’m riding my bike. Some days only for a short 45 minutes and other days I can coax two hours out of my body. Some days I can’t ride at all. But I’m riding. There are no intervals. There are no training plans.

There is just me and my bike. I ride how I feel. I ride how my body will let me.

Definitely not what I had planned but I’ll take it. There is some freedom with this kind of riding. Something that as a bike racer is taking some getting used to. I long for the intervals and five hour rides – but I know these will be there when the time is right.

Right now the time is right is to listen to my body and ride when and how I can. Thanks to the bike for giving me this perspective.

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